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apo_daily's Journal

Apocalyptica pics, info and whatever more
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This LJ community is not connected to the band Apocalyptica. This is created by an Apocalyptica fan for other Apocalyptica fans.

This community is created for the posting of pictures, information and other related topics about the Finnish cello band Apocalyptica.

Some rules:
1) All posts must be Apocalyptica related. Think of pictures, information, fanart, reviews, related discussion and so on.

2) Use LJ-cut if you post more then one picture. If the picture is very big and needs a lot of time to load put it under a cut as well.

3) Don't hotlink! Very rude to do and for this purpose there are websites like photobucket or imageshack.

4) Don't steal pics or fanart without crediting. Very rude to do! So ask the owner and/or name the source where you got it from.

5) No picture teasing. (Saying that you have a certain pic, but you won't show it. If you don't want to share a pic, don't even mention that you have it. Same goes for audio clips or videos)

6) No unauthorized sharing of copyrighted material (songs, videos and stuff). Bootlegs are tolerated.

6) Posts that break these rules can and will be deleted. Do it more then twice and I ban you!

7) Rules may be changed by maintainer.

Also view http://www.apocalyptica.com and http://www.myspace.com/apocalyptica

Tour list
Dec 2 2008 Carling Academy - Oxford (UK)
Dec 3 2008 Carling Academy - Liverpool (UK)
Dec 4 2008 Rock City - Nottingham (UK)
Dec 5 2008 Wulfrun Hall - Wolverhampton (UK)
Dec 6 2008 ABC - Glasgow (UK)
Dec 7 2008 Carling Academy - Newcastle (UK)
Dec 9 2008 Carling Academy - Bristol (UK)
Dec 10 2008 The Pyramid - Portsmouth (UK)
Dec 11 2008 Plug - Sheffield (UK)
Dec 12 2008 The Astoria - London (UK)