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Headbangers Ball video

Hi, ive been looking for the video of when Eicca was on headbangers ball,a long time ago???I cant find it on youtube or else where,if any of you know where it is could you please tell me???
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It used to be on Youtube but when MTV/Viacom went on a big deleting spree it got took down, too. So chances are, you won't find it on Youtube again since they'd probably just take it down anyway. But if you'd like, I could upload the video file to Mediafire for you. :)
could you email it to ????
The files 50MB, Gmail won't let me attach that big of a file, sorry :( I did upload it to Mediafire just now, though! Here's the link :)
ok, cool i got it.Thank You!!!!
You're welcome!
Oooo is it alright if I download it as well?
Thank you very much.
Oh hell, thank you so much :)
hi, could you post the link again, as it said its been 'deleted'

thanks :)